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Welcome to the home page of Surrealeon Pictures, a video production company based in Brisbane that blends creative screen artistry with smart corporate style. Corporate and promotional video production is our specialty, and we work with a range of corporate video clients to create engaging media solutions for their product(s) and/or service(s), ensuring effective communication with potential clients.
Surrealeon Pictures is led by Leon Chrysostomou. As an award-winning director/cinematographer with over 15 years of experience in the film industry, Leon is able to provide our clients with feature film quality imagery on the most modest of budgets. Leon lends his creativity, lateral thinking skills and depth of experience to each and every project to ensure that your promotional video production experience is as efficient and enjoyable a process as possible. The result is a unique and engaging corporate video that’s delivered on time and on budget.
With a range of corporate video clients across several industries, our corporate projects include everything from industrial manufacturing processes to smartphone apps to music videos.
You can read more about Surrealeon Pictures and view our showreel on this page, as well as via the links at the top of this page. For more information or to begin discussing your potential project, call 0451 309 202 or email us at leonchrys@me.com.


Corporate Video Production for ‘Dextr’ App

Dextr is an amazing app created by Brisbane app developer John Lambie, that allows you to use a natural keyboard based on the alphabet.



Corporate video production in Brisbane is our specialty.
Award winning Director/Cinematographer Leon Chrysostomou leads a team of visionary artists in the production of exceptionally high quality professional corporate video.
We work very closely with our corporate clients in the planning phase to clarify the story / message that you want to convey in your video. Then depending on the style of video selected, we conduct interviews, film at your premises and shoot any additional material as required.
After collating all the media, we edit the material into a dynamic film that delivers your message clearly to your chosen audience. We have an incredible amount of production experience, and we can create a wide range of films for your product or service. This includes the following:
> a corporate video to introduce your company,
> a walkthrough to show customers how your product or service works,
> a viral video or web commercial to promote your brand,
> a tutorial video to educate your users,
> a customer testimonial video.


Corporate Video Dextr





Best and Fairest. An introduction to Nathan Byrnes

A recent documentary about the dedication and sacrifice that are required to make it to the AFL draft.



Give Me a Break Music Video just released!

Recently I was fortunate to again collaborate with the super talented Director Jemma Gorring on the ‘Give Me A Break’ music video. My cinematography skills helped to bring her unique vision to life, and create a very creative visual music video. Check it out below:

Give Me A Break MUSIC VIDEO framegrab2

‘Coma’ music video is now available to view online!!!

Dunes ‘Coma’ Music Video from Leon Chrysostomou | Surrealeon on Vimeo.

Director: Leon Chrysostomou
Director of Photography: Jemma Gorring
1st AC: (Office Location) Doug Ly
1st AD: (Office Location) Bree Christou

Main Office Drone: Hamish Lancaster
Boss: Raymond Massey
Office Drones: Sarah Reinking, Lisa Parkes, Megan Lanser





Coma music video teaser trailer from Leon Chrysostomou | Surrealeon on Vimeo.

Small Moments in Melbourne from Leon Chrysostomou | Surrealeon on Vimeo.

An abstract film about the small insignificant moments on a typical day in Melbourne.

Music: Above and Beyond’s track ‘Small Moments’


Surrealeon Pictures Intro Video from Leon Chrysostomou | Surrealeon on Vimeo.

A brief introduction video to Surrealeon Pictures





The Dunes: ‘Coma’ Music Video

Principle photography was recently completed on the ‘Coma’ music video shoot for Brisbane band ‘The Dunes’. Shooting locations included: a custom built office set, a Sailboat in the Pacific ocean, buildings in the Brisbane CBD, Brisbane railway stations and trains as well as an office location at the Sunshine Coast. The clip is now in the post production pipeline, being edited before visual effects and colour grading.


Directed by Leon Chrysostomou, Cinematography by Jemma Gorring, starring Hamish Lancaster. Many thanks to all those who made it possible.


Stay tuned for more updates!